hello, my name is tobias

I'm making type and typography accessible and available to everyone in my role as UX manager and Design Lead for Google Fonts, (read more about that here).

I’ve worked on the Material Design System, led the Design for Google Play Instant and was responsible for the User Experience of the launch of the Google Store (for which I’ve received a Webby Award).

I also worked on Android Messages and various projects for Google Brand Studio.

Recently I returned to Berlin, Germany after spending time working in London, New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area.

public speaking

Access to information and expression for everyone – Presentation for IDEO.ORG Design Team
Create expressive and readable typography - Google IO Conference
Typography on the web – Designers + Geeks SF Meetup
Google Play Instant UX for GamesAndroid Developers Channel
UX Best Practices for Android Instant appsAndroid Developers Channel

words I put on the internet lately

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